Carrot Stix
The Carrot Stix Rod had been introduced at the 2007 ICAST show and walked away with the unprecedented THREE BEST OF SHOW WINNING categories. Now Carrot Stix is managed directly by Ontario Inc., utilizing relationships with secured supply chain management, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Canadian Tint & Design

We are an efficient company, started in the late 1980's, and strived to be the best in the industry. Graphic designers and a "hands on" team approach - allow us to work more effectively, which lower costs to you - the client.

Angler's Choice

Angler's Choice is a small company based in South Western Ontario, Canada. We specialize in Hand Made soft plastic fishing lures. 

Liquid Mayhem

If you’re a serious fisherman like we are you have probably invested 1000’s of dollars into the best fishing lures, but what if you could make your best bass lures come to life? 

At Mayhem Bait Co.we believe we have the next best thing!