UPCOMING FLW EVENT:  Big Rideau Lake Qualifier June 24-25, 2017

FLW Membership

FLW Membership

All new membership packages include, Entry into ALL FLW events North or South of the boarder, with Flw Magazine, access to the digital magazine and FLW fantasy. Take the next step up with the angler package that includes over $75,00 in sponsor gifts, or without even fishing win your spot into the 2017 FLW Canadian Championships with the Elite package draw!

Elite    $99.95
Includes Angler/Competitor package
Draw into the 2017 Canadian Championships

Angler    $79.99
Includes Competitor package
Product package from FLW Canada sponsors

Competitor    $59.99
FLW Bass Fishing magazine
Access to any international FLW event

Non-Competitor/TBF     $39.99

For e-transfers email payments@flwcanada.com

Online submitting of memberships and registrations email Erin Banford at registrations@flwcanada.com

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