FLW Canadian Championships

FLW Canadian Championships

Date: Sept 18\19\20
Location: Big Rideau Lake, Rideau Ferry, Ontario
Time: Fri-Sat 7am-4pm, Sun 7am-3pm

On September 18th 2015, history will be made for both Canada, and FLW. The first ever sanctioned FLW event will be held outside of the United States. Big Rideau Lake will play host to this event that Canadians have been craving for.
Big Rideau Lake is notorious for its versatility when it comes to styles of fishing and playing into every anglers hands. From fishing super shallow or deep weedlines for giant largemouth, or rock shoals, humps and 50 feet or deeper for hub cap sized suspending smallmouth bass; this fishery caters to your every style of fishing! The style that works over this 3 day event, will reward 4 anglers with a once in a lifetime journey the Rayovac Championships. 
Recently Ranger Cup anglers, Fern Campeau and Carl Boileau took home a brand new Ranger boat by fishing 10 different styles over the weekend on this body of water. This just proves that you truly can catch big fish, anywhere, and at anytime on this amazing fishery.
Big Rideau lake lays in the center of the Rideau Canal waterway, a bucket list attraction for anybody visiting Canada's national capital. Built in 1832, for purpose of transportation, the Rideau is 202km in length and has 23 locks navigating boaters between lake Ontario and the Ottawa river. Millions of tourists visit every summer to watch 7 combined locks in a row in action beside Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
CC's on the Rideau Restaurant, will hold the first 2 of 3 days of this FLW Canadian Championship. Day 3 will be cut down to the top 20, where Walmart in the town of Smiths Falls will welcome the teams battling it out to be named first ever FLW Canadian Champions. The winning team will ultimately be given a path, unheard-of to Canadian anglers, to the Forrest Wood Cup.

All teams must submit membership forms for both anglers, along with signed disclaimers with full payments. TBA partners will be accepted, but partner forms must be submitted no later than August 31.

Existing FLW members must include current membership number and expiry date along with New FLW Canada membership payment

FLW and FLW Canada Memberships are non-refundable

FLW Canadian Championships will give full (EVENT ONLY) refund up to Sept 1

E-transfers are to be emailed out to cory@shootoutseries.ca Disclaimer must have typed names, all signatures required at event sign in 

Mail in forms to be sent into  FLW Canada, 1245 Halleck’s Rd South Brockville Ontario K6V 5T3. Cheques payable to FLW Canada

Any false or incomplete forms, bounced emails or cheques, will be considered null and void applications into the FLW Canadian Championship event.